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If your interested in license application  for ARF or RCFE see below. Scroll down page.
For Regional Center Program Design please fax (818.859.100)  the guidelines  provided by the Regional Center. We will call you and give you a quote for the Regional Center Design once we receive the guidelines.

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We have been completing License Applications for ARF RCFE and Group Home for over 15 years.  We guarantee our work and will make any changes requested by Community Care Licensing.

In order for us to complete your license application we will need  you to complete certain forms in rough. These forms are:

Application LIC 200
Applicant Information LIC 215 (for you as the licensee not staff)
Administrative Organization LIC 309
Supplemental Financial Information LIC401a (complete only if you are a sole proprietor)
Balance Sheet LIC 403a
Balance Sheet Supplemental Schedule LIC403a
Financial Information Release and Verification LIC 404
Health Screening Report Facility Personnel (LIC 503)  (for all staff including licensee/owner)
Criminal Record Statement LIC 508 (for all staff including licensee/owner)
Personnel Record LIC 501 (for all staff except licensee)

To obtain the forms listed below download LIC281. Once you open LIC 281  you will see the PDF forms available for download.

LIC 999 Sketch of House
Drawing of house that identifies Electric Panel, Gas Shut Off and Water Shut OFF . Also specify resident and staff rooms, exits, windows living and dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, garage, driveway, gates, fence, walkways, storage garage cans and outside area. Does not have to be to scale. A reasonable drawing will do.

Two Relocation Sites
Acceptable relocation sites are nice motels.  Another ARF home, Red Cross or a Church will not work. You will need to get two letters on letterhead from two  hotels indicating the hotel will accept your clients in an emergency. Sample letter follows:

Independent Living ARF is an Adult Residential Facility licensed by California Department of Social Services.  I agree that my  Best Western Hotel located on  Adams Blvd  in Los Angeles  will be used as a relocation site for Independent Living ARF in case of an emergency.
Signed by owner or manager.

Proof of attendance at Community Care Licensing Orientation Component I Orientation To register for a live in person  orientation click here
To register for Online ARF Orientation 

Other Critical Items
Certificate of Completion of Initial Administrator Certification Course
Current State of California Administrator Certificate
Proof of 4 Hour HIV AID TB Course Completion (for Administrator only – register for HIV AIDS TB online course here
Proof of First AID Course Completion.  (for owner/licensee and all staff – online course is not acceptable)
California Corporation Number
Control of Property ( lease or title)

Name of Your Facility
Note:  The name of your business  can be separarte from the name of your facility ( see LIC 200).  A good idea is to name your facility in  a way that identifies it’s location. For example Sepulveda House North.  Religious names  may be heartfelt and meaningful to you  but may be a turn off to family and others considering placement.