Admin Initial Certification

Adult Residential Facility Administrator Certification (ages 18-59)
This course prepares you to operate an Adult Residential Facility in California for clients ages 18 -59. The course is not for elderly or children.


Control Panel
You may update your contact information, download invoices, view course activity as well as download your course certificate here. You login by using your email and password that you created when you registered. If you registered by phone a password was created. To obtain your password click forgot password.

Make-up Session
Students, who are unable to attend a class session, may arrange to attend an upcoming class with proper notification to the office. Before you call to schedule your make up session decide which course in the future you wish to take by viewing the Course Calendar.

Initial Administrator Test Protocol
Within 60 days upon completion of the 35 hour course, you must take the California State examination by scheduling your test at one of the CCL Test Sites. Bring the following items with you when you take the test: Proof of identification (ID) such as a valid California driver’s license, DMV photograph, or military ID, and a copy of your certificate of Administrator Course.

The Test
You must attain at least a score of 70% to pass. The test has 40 questions. You must get 28 correct answers or no more than 12 wrong answers. The state circulates 5 tests with 40 questions each throughout the different test sites. You are studying to answer approximately 200 questions.

In class you will be issued a workbook that has over 200 practice questions to assist you in studying for the test. Each question is referenced to  content in the workbook.

Test Results
More information on your results here CCL Test Link . You may take the test no more than three times  during the 60 day period.

Once you pass the test you will receive the Initial Administrator Application from the ARF Administrator Certification section. You have thirty days to submit the Initial Administrator Application LIC 9214 .  Items to include in your application:

  1. $100.00 fee
  2. Copy of Certificate of Completion from this class
  3. Copy of the CCL Department congratulatory letter verifying your passing test score.
  4. Choose when you would like your certification to expire. Either 2 years from date of issue or on your birthday on the second calendar year following certification. If you choose your birthday your certificate may expire less than two years from when you receive it.Remember you must collect 40 hours of continuing education within 2 years of the date that is one your certificate.

Criminal Record Clearance

ARF administrator applicants must obtain a criminal record clearance from the DOJ. To schedule your appointment by phone call 800.315.4507 and complete the Request for Live Scan Service Or schedule your live scan appointment online. Either way you will need the following information to schedule your appointment:

ORI Number: A0448
OCA Number:

You may check to see when your clearance is completed here.

Community Care Licensing Forms

You will need to complete the following forms to become an administrator

LIC 508 Criminal Record Statement
LIC 9163 Reqest For Live Scan
LIC 9214 Initial Administrator Application LIC 9214